Along-side her career as an independent dancer, Anya also makes her own work as an emerging choreographer.

First year out after graduating Anya developed her first work ‘Fit To Shift’ as part of her JUMP Mentorship with mentor Sue Healey. In 2013, ‘Fit To Shift’ was selected to be shown in Melbourne dance festival Dance Massive ‘Open Studios’, and with the support of Ausdance NSW and TASDANCE space residencies, became part of the Dance Makers Collective’s (DMC) premier season at Riverside Theatre Oct. 2013.

During this same period (2012-2013), Anya also began to choreograph for the work of others, like writer and director Caleb Lewis’s ‘Destroyer of Worlds’ (Rock Surfers Theatre Co.) and Freshly Squeezed for collaborative work ‘Scattered’ (PACT Theatre). In 2014, Anya began a new work ‘Office Bodies’, that in 2015 received a research residency from Critical Path.

After taking some time out from choreographing to focus on her dance career, Anya has returned to making dance and is currently researching for new solo work ‘woman untitled’. This solo was born in a Marrugeku workshop and had its first development thanks to a short ACCA Residency in Annandale and Bundanon Trust. This work has a founding connection to the research of Anya’s prior developing work ‘Office Bodies’ (2014-2015).

Anya is also in development with dancer/ choreographer Katina Olsen for upcoming duet ‘ Women’s Business’, currently being produced by Western Sydney based dance company Dance Makers Collective, of which Anya is one of 9 founding members.

Anya has co-choreographed and performing in work Dance Makers Collective’s shows since 2012, including ‘Big Dance’, ‘DADS’ and most recently ‘The Rivoli’ set to premier at in Sydney Festival 2020.

Current work in development:
‘Woman Untitled’ 
(00:20-01:00 of linked reel)

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