Anya Mckee is a contemporary dancer and choreographer based in South Australia.

Having worked and trained in contemporary dance, dance theatre, improvisation, contact improvisation techniques and some aerial dance, Anya works to continually improve her skills as a performer and maker.

Receiving a BA Arts (Dance) Honours graduate from The Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (2011), Anya has since performed as a dancer for Kate Champion’s dance-theatre company Force Majeure, aerial dance company Strings Attached, along-side Gideon Obarzanek’s Chunky Move and more recently intercultural dance-theatre company Marrugeku as part of research series Burrbgaja Yalirra.

Anya has also worked with some of Australia’s leading independent choreographers and directors, including, Sam Chester, Dean Walsh, Sara Black, Simone O’Brien, Ross Ganf and Sue Healey.

Over the last couple of years Anya has also had two very unique opportunities performing with Kohzensha Butoh Company’s Artistic Director Yukio Waguri, and 101 year old choreographer and dancer Eileen Kramer as they first brought their work to Australia.

Currently Anya is performing and choreographing for Western Sydney based company Dance Makers Collective of which she is a founding member since 2012 and newly collaborating with South Australian children’s theater company Paper Boats.

Outside of her skills as dancer and choreographer, Anya also creates dance-film, screening at national and international festivals. She is also a Ren Xue Qigong teacher and works casually as a designer .

Whatever she is working on, projects that speak to the heart and inspire change are the most rewarding for Anya.

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